At    Timberhawk    Bows,    our    goal    is    to    build    the highest   quality,   most   dependable,   best   performing bows   available.      At   TimberHawk   Bows,   attention   to detail   at   every   step   in   the   building   process   assures that you receive the finest bow we can provide. I   believe   that   all   gifts   are   bestowed   by   God,   not   to glorify     ourselves,     but     to     glorify     Him,     and     the dedication   and   seriousness   with   which   I   approach my   work   manifests   itself   in   the   design   and   function of    each    bow.    Isaiah    55:11    says    that    Gods    Word always     accomplishes     its     intended     work.     Each TimberHawk    Bow    will    have    a    scripture    reference inscribed    on    it.    If    you    have    a    favorite    verse    or passage I will gladly use yours. "The   Bible   says   that   whatever   you   do,   do   it   to   the glory   of   God   (1   Cor.   10:31).   I   try   and   do   that   with each bow that I make." —Scott Mitchell
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