TimberHawk      Bow   risers   can   be   made   of   almost   any   hardwood that   has   suitable   strength.      The   limbs   of   TimberHawk   Bows   can also   be   made   with   a   variety   of   core   and   glass   options.   The   list   of riser   materials      given   in   the   brochure   and   on   the   website   are only   a   few   of   what   I   consider   to   be   some   of   the   more   striking contrasts   in   grain   and   color.      Please   inquire   about   any   wood   that appeals to your individual taste.
Talon Series 3 Piece Recurve Bows
Hunter $579 Premier $899
Strike Series Singe Piece Recurves
StrikeXTS $599 StrikeXT $529
Falcon Series Long Bows
Odyssey 3 Piece Take Down Long Bow
Sparrow Single Piece Youth Bows
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