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TimberHawk Bow Models


Click on any picture to go to a detailed look at a particular bow.

        The Strike


At 54or 60 inches, this compact hunting bow delivers the speed, the maneuverability, and, most of all, the smoothness and accuracy demanded by serious bow hunters.

        The Hunter


The Talon Hunter is a no nonsense hunting bow with all the quality, care and attention that are hallmarks of a TimberHawk Bow. The Hunter is a smooth, stable, and reliable bow that will please any archer.

        The Monarch


The Talon Monarch starts with the unsurpassed shooting characteristics of the Hunter and adds beautiful domestic and exotic hardwood options along with two distinctive back overlays of contrasting wood veneers on the riser.

        The Premier


Let your imagination run wild! The Talon Premier is everything that the most discriminating archer could want to create a one of a kind bow. The bold and graceful flared wedge three piece riser can be made from any combination you choose of both domestic and exotic hardwoods available, along with three back overlays for an extra touch of classic elegance.

        The Falcon


The Falcon longbow has a quick responsive feel that makes it a perfect hunting companion. Crafted from a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods and accented with a hand stitched leather grip. The Falcon, like its namesake, is both beautiful and deadly.

        The Falcon T/D


      This is a takedown version of the falcon longbow.

        The Sparrow


This bow is designed with the young archer in mind.

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