Success   in   the   field   often   depends   on   the   ability   to   Strike   quickly,   to   Strike   with   pinpoint accuracy   and,   to   Strike   from   any   position   you   may   find   yourself   in.   At   54"   or   60"   this   compact hunting   bow   delivers   the   speed   maneuverability,   and   most   of   all   the   smoothness   and   accuracy demanded   by   serious   bowhunters.   All   models   feature   Maple   Actionwood   cores,   with   black   or brown   Gordon   fiberglass   facing   and   backing.   The   Standard   Strike   can   have   a   riser   of   Shedua   or Bubinga.   The   XT   and   XTS   models   include   an   extensive   selection   of   exotic   hardwoods   in   any combination. All   models   can   be   upgraded   to   clear   glass   with   any   veneer   and   core   combination   for   an additional $150.00  $599
Features: Selections of wood choices to customize three piece riser and limb wood choices (contact   Scott for more info) • Maple Action Wood Core Limbs • Black or Brown Gordon   Glass • D97 High Performance Bow String • Bow Sock included • Length Options 54" or 60" • Draw Weights to 65#
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